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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Fun Recap

I love the weeks counting down to Holidays. I try filling up our weekends(and sometimes week) with fun Halloween events. This past weekend was pretty packed with fall/Halloween!

Friday Mason had a field trip to the pumpkin patch. A lot of fun, tractor ride, hay maze, animal petting, and picking out pumpkins. 
Saturday we went to the Haunted Ballet. This is a fun tradition, we love the Monster Mash and the skeleton dance :)
And Sunday we had our Family Day and went to the ZooBoo. I love how they have organic/healthier treats!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Masters

Halloween is one of my top 3 favorite holidays! I love traditions! One tradition I've had since I was a child is carving pumpkins at home with the family, so of course I have to continue the tradition with Mason. But I will say even though I carve at least one pumpkin a year, I really am not good at it! I usually try and stick with the simple "traditional: triangle eyes, nose and mouth with a few teeth" LOL.
With Pumpkin Masters: Creative Carving I don't need to be a pro pumpkin carver :) They have kits that help you make the perfect looking pumpkin. Great for all ages; safer than a kitchen knife. Perfect activity to enjoy with your family.

Are you not a pumpkin carving pro like me? Pumpkin Masters have many kits; paint & carve, decorated punches, power tools, eye balls, surface carving kit(my fav!), decorating gems and many more. They also have an alternative to candles; strobe flashing lights. 
My pumpkin is the photo on the way top of the post and this was Mason's pumpkin. He was very proud of it. He drew it on the pumpkin and then helped me carve it. With the surface carving tool we were able to do the hair and eyebrows that he wanted carved. What a great way to spend some quality family time or time being crafty :)
Want some ideas; go check out Pumpkin Masters on Pinterest.
Pumpkin Masters is available at your local grocery, drug, or craft store, and nationally at Target and Walmart.
It's almost Halloween so go carve those pumpkins!!

    • Pumpkin Masters is searching for carving talent as part of its annual Pumpkin Masters Carving Contest.
    • Share a pic of your carving via Instagram or Twitter with #PumpkinMasters2013, submit via the Facebook app or send via email to: to enter for the chance to win one of six prizes, including $5,000 for the Best Pumpkin.
    • Contest runs from October 1 - 31, 2013.
    • Contest details and official rules

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Pumpkin Express Mt Rainier Oct 26-27

Does your child love trains? Just looking for something fun to do in the PNW next weekend? Go ride The Pumpkin Express October 26th & 27th. What a fun way to enjoy the day and spend time with family! Purchase tickets here.
My family and I are always looking for something fun(& different) to do on our Sunday Family Days, what better way than take a short drive up to Mt Rainier, take a train ride, your child gets a pumpkin and not to mention fall in the PNW is BEAUTIFUL! Just don't forget your camera :)

Some helpful tips from Mt Rainier Scenic Railroad;
·         We have a concessions car that sells hot cocoa, coffee, water and snacks on the train but it’s cash only. Families can buy a voucher at the depot they can use on board the train.
·         It is okay to bring snacks on the train (avoid glass containers)
·         There is no cafĂ© at our destination this season. We may have a new food service option next year but that’s undetermined right now. Families will want to plan their meal times accordingly. There’s a fun pizzeria in Elbe within walking distance of our depot. The pizzeria is in a renovated train car – they only serve “to-go” food this time of year. But they do serve pizza by the pie or slice and you can bring it on the train.
·         The passenger cars are heated and covered but you may want to bring a cozy lap blanket in the fall and winter when temperatures get nippy
·         There is a strict no refund policy but if anything happens and a family can’t travel on their ticketed day they can call our reservations office and transfer their tickets to a different excursion – there’s a transfer fee of $4 per ticket but it’s better to have a small fee than lose the total amount they spent on their tickets
·         Trains have a loud whistle that most kids find fascinating but some littles get scared when they hear the loud whistle – if families have a kiddo that’s super sensitive to loud noises they may want to bring ear plugs or ear muffs
·         The train ride is a great chance to unplug. And I mean that literally because there are sections of the visit that have no wi-fi or reliable cell phone coverage. If parents were planning on streaming a video they should make sure the content is completely downloaded before they come out to see us.

My family was given tickets to review for the Pumpkin Express, however all opinions expressed here are my own.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Headache Continues

I wrote before about Mason's experience last month with the dentist he'd been seeing since he was 11 months old. Well, the headache continues. Last Tuesday Mason had no food/water after midnight and we headed bright and early to the dental surgery place 30 minutes away. He was getting anesthesia for xrays and to work on the two cavity spots on his molars. Long story short we waited, all starving for 4 hours to get nothing done. He got so worked up from trying to use a nebulizer(for his breathing) and the whole experience their, when they started the anesthesia they had to stop because his breathing got bad.
They wanted us to go get a nebulizer, practice with that and make an appointment when he's been clear of a cold and nothing in his lungs. Well, I explained the situation with his pediatrician's nurse and got the response she doesn't quiet understand why he needs a nebulizer and they should of never given him anesthia if he had any sign of a cold/breathing problems.

Ahh...this is just becoming such a headache, I'm just so stressed out. I'm thinking what were going to do is make an appointment to go back to the dentist in a month or so, give Mason time, give myself sometime. And if he's been clear of a cold for sometime maybe he won't need a nebulizer treatment before. 'Cause if this next time doesn't work, they said they want to do all the procedures in a hospital setting because of his breathing, that makes me freak out a little more.

And he's supposed to still have cleanings every 6 months?!? I'm gonna go crazy :( Mason is a very emotional kid, so I can't completely blame you Dr Block but Thank You for ruining the dentist for him!!